Where to find me

Hey there!  Now that I have revealed the presence of this blog to the outside world, I guess it’s possible that I might get actual readers (thanks to those of you who have started leaving comments).  I realize that not everyone is going to want to check yet another website for new posts every day (I’ve been known to do so, but mostly to waste time).  As such, I’ve finally joined the 21st Century Web 2.0 Interblagosphere, and there are now several ways you can stay abreast of my inane ramblings:

  • This blog (duh)
  • RSS (I use Feedly to sync my feeds since the death of Google Reader)
  • Facebook (the social network I use the most, and I don’t use it much)
  • Tumblr (still has some packing peanuts attached)
  • Twitter (careful, the paint is still wet)

I’ve considered setting up a Google+ profile, but have so far resisted; if there’s interest I will reconsider.  This post should go to all the services above.  If it doesn’t, I’ll figure something out (hopefully without too many goat sacrifices).