Webcomics I Read (Part 2)

Oh, you thought the last post about webcomics was going to be the only one?  Oh ye of little faith, I have many more ways I waste my time!  What follows is the second half of the list of webcomics I am actively reading.  I will admit, I was surprised by how long it was when actually written out; it kind of coalesced over time, like a katamari picking up stray cats and knickknacks.  I’m even considering a Part 3: [Webcomics] That I Used To Know.

  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things – Imagine the hyper-macho, super-burly protagonists of most video games and action movies trying to integrate into normal day-to-day life.  This is their story, and the story of the “time traveling Navy SEAL single dad from the nonspecific spacefuture” who runs the placement agency.
  • Matt Bors – Political comics by an angry, disaffected member of Generation Y.
  • Ménage à 3 – The story of ever-suffering Canadian nerd Gary and his two hot (female) roommates.  Often NSFW.
  • Nerf Now – A comic about video games and fanservice, usually Team Fortress 2, Diablo, or DOTA.  Don’t worry, I don’t always get the jokes either.
  • The Oatmeal – Funny comics and illustrated articles about whatever strikes the author’s fancy.  Mastermided an epic trolling of a rather trollish layer a while back.  Sometimes NSFW (mostly language)
  • Oglaf – Usually NSFW, sometimes just funny.  But yeah, it’s mostly sex comedy.
  • Order of the Stick – The long-running story of a typical group of fantasy adventurers.  The characters (including the villains) are often dangerously genre savvy
  • Penny Arcade – A bastion of gamer culture online.  The webcomic is only okay, but they do other awesome stuff, like the Childs Play charity.
  • PHD Comics – The webcomic that actually made me reconsider going to grad school for at least a semester.  “Piled Higher and Deeper,” indeed.
  • PS238 – An elementary school for kids with superpowers (and the one kid without them).  How awesome is that?
  • PvP – Another long-running bastion of webcomicery.  This one focuses on the staff of a gaming magazine, their evil genius cat, and “imaginary” best friend, who happens to be a troll.
  • Questionable Content – The author describe QC as “an online comic strip that is ostensibly about romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have.”  Stay away from Pintsize’s twitter: it’s really NSFW.
  • Real Life Comics – Supervillains living in the garage, AIs in the gaming room, making armor out of stop signs: it’s just like real life!
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Often filled with non sequiturs, SMBC runs the gamut from economics and philosophy to fart jokes and using Superman as a transitional energy source.
  • Sinfest – This one has also been around a while, and in what seems to be a trend, is thus hard to summarize.  Characters run the gamut from slackers and misogynists to feminists and devil girls, even various deities.
  • Something*Positive – About a group of friends, originally from Boston, and their adventures through life.  I like to think of the very first comic as a personality test: if you find if funny, then you are a sick and twisted individual (like me!).  Also, there’s a boneless cat that likes to play Space Marine.
  • Spinnerette – The story of the titular superhero (who was a quiet, mild-mannered grad student before an untimely lab accident) and her struggle to find her place in the town’s metahuman culture.  The art is nice and dynamic.
  • Subnormality – A self-described “comic with too many words” that takes brooding, philosophical looks at life and its ups and downs.  If you’ve read some of my more self-exploratory posts, you’ll probably see why I like it
  • The Trenches – From the teams behind Penny Arcade and PvP, this is a story about video game QA (Quality Assurance) testers, and the often hellish work they have to do.  It’s punctuated with anonymous true-story anecdotes from people in the gaming industry.
  • Use Sword on Monster – Magic begins bleeding into our world, and changing the timeline.  This one is fairly new, but it’s from the same author/artist as the now-defunct Nodwick (as well as Full Frontal Nerdity and PS238), so I have high hopes for it.
  • VG Cats – Yet another comic about video games.  But this one stars cats!  Sadly, updates are very sporadic these days.
  • Wayward Sons – What if the Greek Titans and gods were space criminals and their jailers/escorts (respectively)?  And what if they crash landed on earth, waking up with mysterious powers, inspiring all of humanity’s myths and legends?  I haven’t found it as compelling lately, especially since the update frequency slowed down, but it’s still fun.
  • xkcd – If you are a geek, you read this comic.  If you don’t, you should.  We are well on our way to there being an xkcd strip for every occasion. [citation needed]

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