Phone Interview Update

Enough people have asked about my recent phone interview, I figured it might be advantageous to write an update, as well as some background info.

Back in June or so, one of my fencing friends brought to my attention the fact that her employer (a local university library) was going to post a job that she thought I would be especially qualified for. They were looking for a “digital media specialist,” someone to aid the digital and technology programs of the library (like a digital discovery wall and a maker space), provide A/V and computer support, and other things. So a lot of the kind of work I’ve done in the past (I worked as an A/V tech during college, and in a computer lab during grad school). My friend even thought my architecture background may come in handy, in regards to the library’s architectural planning committee. The more I heard, the better it sounded than working retail.

Due to the wonderfully efficient processes of academia, the job listing didn’t get posted until mid-July. I had applied by the end of the month, and basically stopped thinking about it; I have applied to quite a few long-shot jobs over the past year, and have learned it’s best to not get too attached lest I set myself up for disappointment.

Rumor has it there were several hundred applicants for this position. It was kind of a dream job, from my position, but I tired very hard to not get too attached. So I forgot about the job for a bit, and concentrated on not going crazy getting up before dawn to stock shelves. Eventually I got an email asking for a phone interview; apparently I had made it to the top eight!

The interview was only twenty minutes long, and consisted of answering a series of five questions for the four-person search committee. I think it went well, but I was nervous and adrenalized enough that I don’t remember much of what I said; I prefer to have time to thoroughly think through things ahead of time, and of course you can’t get that during an interview. I tried to sound excited, so hopefully I left a good impression. The questions were worded such that it was hard to infer the logic behind them. So I did my best with what I had, and hopefully that will be enough.

There will be one more round, with the final three being called in for on-site interviews. I haven’t heard anything yet about whether I made the cut or not. But I’ve been telling myself that the fact I made it as far as phone interviews, as well as the fact that people who know me well think I’m well-qualified for the job, should bode well.

My fingers are crossed. And if I good news, I will sure to sing it from the metaphorical mountaintops.

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  1. Pet

    I can tell you from personal experiences that making it to the top 25 for a job like that in academia is a pretty accomplishment right now. Top 8? Hot Damn! *high five* I made it to the top three for a job at Mines a few years ago, and I know it sounds ridiculous, but with the economy being how it is, even coming in at #2 (or, I suppose #3, but I have to imagine the best) felt like something I should update on my resume, especially when I had applied for something like 108 jobs in the previous 4 months and had only gotten one rejection letter… which I almost wanted to frame, because that meant they read my whole Resume…. I actually exist and had not just been throwing paper / data in to a deep dark hole…

    Yeah, top 8 is not a job yet, but you should still be very proud of your Resume and people skills. Crossing all cross-able appendages for you!

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