Fall Thoughts

I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing. I ended up burning through my buffer over the past few days; not something I meant to do. So to get back in the swing of things, I’m going to try writing some easy posts about random things. Things may be a bit disjointed.

Ah, autumn! I really love this time of year, for several reasons. The first is the temperature: I really enjoy it when it’s cool in the shade, yet warm in the sun. This past summer was hot enough that even the shade wasn’t that relaxing. And when one of your main hobbies is putting black leather and metal armor over a sweater before running around like a maniac with a stick, you become very sensitive to the vagaries of daily temperature highs. Being too cold can also be an issue: I tend to cool down quickly (my girlfriend can attest to the fact that while I generate plenty of heat, I keep none of it too myself), so having a way to thermoregulate without layers (like my snake) is awesome. That being said, I like things a few degrees cooler; probably a result of having a basement bedroom while growing up. But it’s perfect weather for curling up with a fuzzy book and an engrossing blanket.

And the colors! I don’t get outside much, especially not with the express purpose of being “in nature,” but the vibrant colors the trees are starting to turn is making me reconsider. Colorado is a great place to watch the leaves turn; we have the aspens that turn gold, pines that stay green, and even a bright red every now and then. And the cooler air, combined with the strong Colorado sun, means that the mountains stand out in sharp relief, bearing the first hints of winter snow. Every once in a while the beauty will hit me, usually while I’m driving home from work. It’s those moments that make me really feel alive, and unfortunately they are more fleeting than I’d like.

But that morose train of thought can be left for another time. After all, it’s also the season of Halloween! Need I say more? A time to be someone/thing else, to whatever degree you desire. A time to shovel sugar into eager children before foisting them on to unsuspecting parents. A time when the seemingly incessant march of SCA events finally begins to slow!

So yeah: even given how tired my job keeps me (again, another time), I’m trying to enjoy this time of year. And given how mercurial the weather in Colorful Colorado can be, I’m not sure how long I have.