Spring(ish) Cleaning

I’m still feeling a bit out of sorts, so here’s another short entry. Late, but still a post for the day.

One nice thing about my recent hard drive issues is it made me really think about what I really needed on my computer. Over time, a computer inevitably accumulates cruft, useless programs and files that may have been useful (or at least interesting) at one point, but are doomed to languish forgotten in the cobwebbed corners of the C drive.

And my laptop was no exception. I had a number of programs taking up space that hadn’t been used in months, if not years. I hadn’t touched AutoCAD or Revit since graduating with my oh-so-useful debt lump architecture degree. I hadn’t opened RealPlayer to since I discovered VLC and Spotify, and even then I was only using it to rip audio CDs, which I hadn’t bought for the longest time. At least I had backed up my grad school work, but that was on there for much longer than it had to be. And that’s not even mentioning the games.

I had a lot of games installed. In fact, I would say that my Steam directory was by far the largest one on my hard drive. In fact, I even moved partitions around in order to gain more space. The funny thing is, these weren’t even games I was actively playing. A lot of them I had installed to try out, likely because I was bored. But then I’d get distracted by some other game, or get bored and install another one. And I wouldn’t bother uninstalling them, because I was still “playing” them, even if they hadn’t been opened for months.

In fact, I think the sheer number of games I had installed may have contributed to my ennui with so many of them: with so many options, none of them stood out. So I would bounce from game to game, not getting anywhere in any of them. It’s kinda like trying to read multiple books at the same time: you don’t get anywhere, and just end up confused and annoyed.

So since my SSD upgrade, I’m going to try to limit what games I have installed. I’m going to try to ensure that they are only games I am currently interested in playing. And not just in a “could be fun” way, but actually interested and progressing through. Maybe by limiting my options I’ll make what is readily available more appealing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go throw that all out the window for the Humble Bundle.