The Buffer Is Back, Baby

The past few weeks have been quite busy for me. Between work, social activities, and other obligations, things have been hectic. Not explosively so, but rather in that harried, background way which I’m starting to think is the background radiation of adult life. As such, I’ve been kind of neglecting my writing.

It started innocuously enough. I’d have a day (usually Friday) where I just didn’t feel like writing. “That’s okay,” I’d say. “I’ve got a few posts saved up in my buffer.” I would then proceed back to whatever game or website or show that had latched its quivering talons into my attention span. Before I knew it (read: the next day), my buffer would be gone. I’d get off work and think “Man, I really want to sit like a lump, but I need to write.” I’d procrastinate, more often than not the afternoon slipping away under wave after wave of “one more turn/article/episode.” I’d then crank out a quick post without much thought, vaguely approaching my target length and topic, post it to the blog, and call it good. Even on my days off, where I had the goal of writing at least one extra post, time slipped away just as easily.

This wait-and-rush approach has resulted in me not feeling overly satisfied with the quality of my writing. Now, I normally don’t like my writing (and can’t stand to re-read it), but even after accounting for my skewed standards, my output has felt sub-par. I’ve been posting just to say something without putting much thought into my output. Selfishly, I even noticed my readership numbers going down, likely from a combination (to my mind, at least) of degraded quality and random posting times.

But now that I have a small buffer again, hopefully that will change. I am already feeling less pressure to write right away when I get home, and can spend a bit of time recuperating before I have to think. I’m also hoping that the additional flexibility will help me form better thoughts and feel less rushed.

And while I still think it’s important for me to write every day, there are still some issues with the daily post regiment. I don’t have much time to give to each topic, and thus can’t always go as in-depth as I’d like; does that make sense? Quantity still ever-so-slightly trumps quality. But since all these posts are essentially first drafts, what can one expect? I’m sure if I made writing a higher priority in my life that wouldn’t be as much of an issue, but I’ve got a lot of other hobbies pulling me in a lot of directions. And admittedly, these concerns may be unfounded.

I guess this is just a long-winded way of saying that I’ve finally managed to achieve a buffer again. Hopefully I can keep on top of things, and you readers will be able to see my posts (and hopefully read them) at a more regular time.

Here’s to small things going right!