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I was planning on writing a third post about burnout today, but I’m just not feeling it. I’m tired, my mind is foggy, and the weather is being weird. I’ve got no drive to do anything. And oh yeah, there’s an event this weekend to get ready for. Assuming it doesn’t get rained/hailed/tornadoed out.

So let’s talk random!

Godzilla was a fun movie. A bit too much “human interest,” as my girlfriend put it, but not nearly as bad as the recent Transformers movies have been. Godzilla showed up, looked and sounded like Godzilla, and proceeded to lay the atomic smackdown on interposing environs and creatures. We may not have been the only ones cheering in the theater for Godzilla, but we definitely started it. Kinda made me want to see Pacific Rim again, in a good way.

Why am I so tired? Well, because I’m having to work seven days in a row to get the weekend off, and I’m on day six. I keep getting asked to stay for longer shifts, and like a good little retail cog-monkey who wouldn’t mind the extra cash, I’ve been doing so. Not sure how much I’ll be up for this weekend as a result. I even skipped fighter practice this week, even knowing I would have to miss next week’s too because of work. Although given the day I had on Thursday, I would have really like the chance to hit something. Hard.

Q: How many kids with ADD does it take to screw in a light bulb?

For something I didn’t get into until very recently, I find myself spending more and more time on Tumblr. Seriously: I end up checking my feed multiple times a day, trying to make sure I see everything. I used to do the same on Facebook, but for some reason that’s grabbing my interest less these days. I’m gonna blame Facebook’s news feed not defaulting to a “most recent” view.

I was gonna write about something else, and I’ve completely forgotten what it was.

I keep coming across GIFs and screencaps from Firefly and Serenity lately, and it’s really making me want to re-watch the series. It’s also making me really sad there wasn’t more of the series. And sad for Wash. Did you know I have one of his Hawaiian shirts? I first came across the series while I was studying abroad in France. I’ll admit to downloading the episodes, but I bought them all on DVD once I got back to the states. It was is just that shiny.