It Is Warm

Holy cow is it warm today. I haven’t done much since I got home from work this morning, and yet I am noticeably sweating while inside. I find this very annoying.

Our apartment doesn’t have air conditioning, so we’re reliant on using other methods to keep the place cool. Normally, we’re able to open the windows at night, using fans to draw in the cool(er) air. And for the most part, this works well enough. As long as we remember to close the windows before it gets too warm, we can keep it a little more pleasant for a little while longer.

Other times, there is nothing to be done. Maybe we forgot to close the windows (or open them). Maybe it just doesn’t get cool enough overnight to make a difference. Maybe I spent the day in my south- and east-exposed office. For whatever reason, sometimes the only chance for relief is to go hide in the basement.

While living at my parents’ house, I discovered something: the basement was always a few degrees cooler. Always. In the summer, this was great! I could sit in my bedroom, puttering around with some LEGO bricks or playing on my computer, and it would be more pleasant than the upstairs living room, or especially my brother’s bedroom above the garage. But come winter, those few degrees were more hindrance than help. At times, it got cold enough that I had to plug in a space heater just to make getting out of bed a less daunting task.

What I wouldn’t give for that problem today.

For whatever reason, I spent most of my day today in my office. As such, the rise in temperature snuck up on me, inching inexorably higher into uncomfortable territory. But still I sat at my desk, until it was late in the afternoon and I had to write a blog post. Obviously, the temperature was something pressing on my mind more than other issues.

I have since wizened up slightly, and am currently writing this in the basement, where it is (surprise!) a few degrees cooler. Of course, it’s just going to feel that much warmer when I go back upstairs, but at least I am cooling down ever so slightly.

I just have to be careful not to fall asleep in my girlfriend’s Lay-Z-Boy.