Returning On An Airliner

Well, that’s that. My week at the home office is complete, and I’m headed home. And while I know I’ve talked a lot about how stressful it’s been, it’s also been kind of fun. Fun in that “first week of new classes” sort of way. I’ve gotten a chance to meet a bunch of new people, which will hopefully keep my coworkers from being merely a voice on the phone or a signature on an email. I’ve also eaten way too much, but that’s the Midwest for you.

Yes, I’m still nervous about the new job. But I’m not nervous that I won’t be able to perform my new responsibilities; I think it’s just my general fear of change gumming things up again. Part of what dispelled that was my coworkers; they’ve all been very helpful and encouraging. Even if I don’t have everyone’s names memorized and paired to faces yet, it was nice to meet them. And luckily there’s a cheat sheet on the company website.

The biggest shock for me (besides actually using my degree and skills) has been the cultural shift from large corporate retail to small business. The office environment is much less formal than anything I’ve come across before, except maybe when I taught martial arts in high school. But even that isn’t a good comparison, since my dad was the owner. But to come from the highly-regimented retail environment at Costco, where my time was controlled down to the minute, and a more freeform “come in when you like, just make sure you get your hours in” on has been a bit jarring. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but right now it feels a bit like the rug is slipping under my feet in weird, non-euclidean ways.

I know I’ve said it several times over the week, but I’m excited. I’m excited to do this work; even if I see the potential for it to get monotonous, it’s still a monotony I chose rather than a monotony I fell in to. My coworkers seem nice, both professional and relaxed.

I will say that I’m glad this company has a Denver office, as I don’t know that I’d want to move into a small Midwest town in the middle of cornfields. Call me spoiled, but I miss the city (and yes, by comparison to where I’ve spent the week, Denver is still considered a city), with all my friends and activities. Even the commute out here feels longer when you have to get on the highway and drive through cornfields. It’ll be nice to be home.

But I’m excited. And hopefully, if I keep saying that, I’ll forget how nervous I am. One can hope, right?