The Joy Of Changing Sleep Schedules

I’ve discovered what might end up being a challenge with writing before work: it’s early. I’m going to have to make sure I get a good night’s sleep to make sure I have enough brain power available to me in the mornings to write anything beyond “I’m tired and don’t know what to write about.”

While it’s been less true the past few years because of my work schedule, I’m naturally more of a night owl; I can function well enough in the morning, but I prefer to stay up late and sleep in. As you can imagine, this often made getting up at 4 in the morning more interesting than it might otherwise have been. Even staying up until 10pm become a sacrifice, and good luck actually getting to sleep by then if you’ve just been doing something active like fighter practice.

So that’s one thing I definitely don’t miss from working at Costco. I’m happy to have my full evenings back, where I can happily read or play video games or even just hang out with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, my body hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet. For some reason, it still thinks it’s a great idea to wake up before dawn, whether I want to or not. Even more unfortunately, once I wake up I tend to stay awake. So it doesn’t matter if I didn’t get to bed until 11pm the night before, I’m still awake at 4am, where I can’t do much else but toss and turn and wish I was asleep. Oh, and now I’m going to be tired for the day.

It’s not an ideal situation, and I’m sure it will improve with time. It’s just kind of annoying when my body chooses to defy me.