The Penultimate Day

Not much to say today. Today was my second-to-last day at my retail job, and like most of the days this past week so far it was pretty uneventful. Boring, even. So here’s some rambling thoughts.

I’ve discovered that working a mid-day shift from 10am to 3pm is pretty annoying. Sure, it’s only five hours. But there’s hardly enough time to get started on anything in the morning, and there’s not much time left in the afternoon either. It would be hard to pick a block of five hours that would be better at completely torpedoing your day.

I had my last performance review yesterday. My boss wrote it in the present tense, as if I was still going to be working there; I guess it was easier for them do do it that way. But one of the comments really stood out at me as odd: apparently I “need to work on having a more positive attitude.” When I asked for clarification, I was told that I had seemed “grumpy” for the past few months, like I wasn’t happy at work and was making my feelings known. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I haven’t been happy with my soon-to-be-former employment for quite a while. And looking back at my schedule, it was about May that I started really looking for a better job. It was also the time that my availability stopped being respected; of course that’s going to make me unhappy. And of course I’m not going to be thrilled to deal with the people that put me in that untenable situation.

When talking about my attitude at work, my boss mentioned that they didn’t know how long I was actively searching for another job; if I started being unhappy once I had the new job lined up, or if my unhappiness is what drove me to look for another job. It was tempting, but I managed not to tell them. I decided they didn’t really need to know. But for the record, it was kind of both: I started looking for another job because I was unhappy, and the act of looking forced me to really look at how unlikeable the situation was. It may have been petty of me to withhold that information, but it felt kind of good at the same time.

Come back tomorrow, where I will regale you with tales of joyous celebration, as my years of servitude finally draw to a close. Or, as I reminisce about the job that’s paid my bills for the past two years. If you want to be really entertained, I might even try to come up with a list of what I enjoyed about this job!