Well, another year of Battlemoor is complete, and I had an awesome time. I’ll admit that I did have misgiving going into things, but those were mostly of the “I’m tired and there’s not enough time to prepare” variety. You’d think that as often as it happens, I’d remember that I tend to have fun once I get to these things. Oh well.

It was a great event. I got to see friends I don’t get to talk to that often. I got to enjoy the beautiful starry night sky, tucked up against the mountains of southern Colorado. There was much fighting to be had, and while I didn’t do as well as I would have liked in some of the tournaments, I think I made up for it in others and on the melee field.

Unfortunately, for what was ostensibly a vacation, I didn’t get much relaxing done. Tents were tightly packed, walls were thin, and some members of our camp were louder than others. To say nothing of the widely varied weather we had (everything from pouring rain to wind and dust storms). I almost need a vacation after my vacation. Luckily my recently-improved employment situation has allowed me do do so. Yesterday was pretty much a day of lounging around at my computer, reading and playing various video games in a valiant effort to build up an adequate number of spoons for the work week ahead.

I definitely want to write more about the event. That may have to wait until later in the week, once I’ve had a few days to sleep in my own bed and mull over things in my own head. We’ll see, but right now my brain is enjoyably fried, so I’m gonna sign off until later. For those of you who didn’t make it to the event, you were missed. For those of you who were there, It was great to see you, and I hope your recovery continues apace.