Whee, Halloween!

It’s so nice to be able to enjoy Halloween this year. Last year, I was still working at Costco, and while I don’t remember specifics, I likely had to work early the next day. Kinda makes it hard to enjoy hanging out with friends when you have to be asleep by 9pm. But this year, thanks to my vastly-improved work situation, I actually have a weekend! And can stay up late!

Well, I have the option of staying up late. Whether I actually manage to is a different issue entirely.

So yeah, I’m kind of excited. It’s Friday! I don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow! I can finally have a weekend to sit like a lump and play video games until I pass out! Whee, Halloween!

I am kind of bummed we didn’t decorate or anything this year. I have fond memories of carving pumpkins as a kid and roasting the seeds in the oven. Somehow, though, I don’t imagine it’s as much fun when you have to be the one sorting through the squick for the tasty bits. But hey, I still get to go to a party! And by party, I mean hanging out with friends in a last-minute costume thrown together from stuff I already own.

…What? Don’t look at me like that. Last week was the big costuming push, and I think it turned out pretty well. I get to slack off if I want.

So have fun doing whatever it is you plan on getting up to tonight. I know I will!