Not As Bad

So I’m feeling better about things.  The Big Boss has headed back to the home office, so things are calming down at work.  I’ve sorted out my plans for Coronation (yes, I decided to go), so that shouldn’t be too bad.  I’m still tired, but the end is in sight.

I think the biggest issue for me when it came to the Coronation decision was I hadn’t made any plans yet.  As such, I couldn’t help but see everything that had to be done as one large, overwhelming lump of stuff.  And I’ll admit to getting to the point of brooding, where I was treading the same mental ruts over and over without making progress towards any sort of decision.  But I found someone to carpool with, somewhere I can (hopefully) stay, and should still be able to manage heading out and getting back at reasonable times.

It’s also quieted down at the office, which is helping a lot.  Having people in town from the home office is nice, but it does mean we go out to eat a lot.  Like, every day they were here.  And hanging out with workers after hours, while definitely the politic thing to do, does tend to eliminate one’s down time in the evening.  And while the food was tasty, it can definitely get a bit loud for an introvert near the end of his spoons after a few pitchers of beer.

So we’ll see how this weekend goes.  Hopefully I manage to have fun.  Hopefully I don’t come home too worn out.  And hopefully I get a few nights to myself next week.