Oops, Oh Well

So I realized late Saturday morning, as I was on my way to an SCA event, that I had forgotten to post last Friday. And that if I thought about it, I had forgotten to post on Thursday as well. Um… oops?

I could say a lot of things in my defense. We had people in town from the home office, which messed up my usual routine. I rushed out of work Thursday night so that we could entertain our Midwestern guests at Yak & Yeti (oh, the horror). That I just completely forgot, felt guilty, then felt even more guilty for not feeling guiltier in the first place (did you follow that twisted logic?).

And then today was a weird day. I passed most of the day in a fairly productive fugue, drafting nearly my entire time in the office. But while I got a good amount done, it left me in an odd head space, poorly situated for engaging with the outside world. A hyperfocus hangover, if you will.

So that’s where I’m at. Feeling bad about not posting, but not as bad as I might. After all, blogging daily is a self-imposed obligation, one that can chafe more sometimes than others. So I’m going to try and not worry about it. I’m also going to try and not get as deep into things at work tomorrow. It’s true I’ve got a lot to do, but draining myself more than necessary doesn’t sound like a good idea in the long term.