So those of you that follow me on Facebook have probably noticed pictures of a certain furry individual pop up. That’s right, my girlfriend and I finally adopted a dog!

It’s something we’ve been talking about for several months together, and even longer individually. We both had dogs growing up, but both felt as adults that we just weren’t home enough to give a dog the attention it would need. But after discussing things, we figured that between the two of us we could scrounge up enough attention for one dog.

So we started looking. Neither of us are into really big dogs; when I was a kid we had a pair of what I affectionately refer to as “punting dogs.” We had a Yorkshire terrier and a teacup poodle, and they were about 5 pounds each. My girlfriend grew up with a larger terrier mix, so we started looking in the middle of that range. Small enough to be manageable, but large enough to still be a Dog (those of you who have spent a lot of time with chihuahuas will know what I mean).

In terms of purebreds, we started looking at the Border Terrier a scruffy-looking, intelligent (but not too smart) breed. Unfortunately, they aren’t very popular in our area, and neither of us wanted to pay $1200 for a puppy. Aside from being a lot of money, we wanted an older dog; the advantages of not having to potty train are not to be understated.

So we started looking at shelters. We were mostly looking for terrier mixes, since we wanted a dog that was smart enough to entertain itself. Most of the shelters these days post animal profiles online, which made it easy to, for lack of a better term, pre-shop. Our first excursion out was on a Sunday, but apparently Saturday is the big adoption day and our options were limited.

Scouting for adoptable pets is tough work. There are so many cute animals in need of homes, that waiting to find the right one can be quite an ordeal. But wait we did. We almost ended up with a slightly skittish Manchester terrier mix (we even put a deposit down), but in the end found Ewok.

We even managed to find a dog to match our carpet!

We even managed to find a dog to match our carpet!

Ewok, as far as we can tell, is a Border terrier/Shar-pei mix. He’s about two years old, and is just a scruffy little love bucket. We have no idea why he was given up for adoption, since he’s very well-behaved (even if he does have the occasional moment of terrier willfulness). He came to us housebroken and crate trained, and even does alright on a leash. As the adoption profile said, he’s game for bouts of play between periods of rest. Both our offices are dog-friendly, so it great that he’s alright with other dogs. It’s quite funny to see a little 25-pound terrier establish his dominance over a much-larger dog.

He had been in a foster-based rescue for about a month, and we didn’t get a chance to see him until a couple weeks after we noticed his listing. By that point we figured he would have already been adopted; after all, who wouldn’t want to take him home? But he was still available, so on Saturday we headed to a local PetCo and there he was. We were scheduled to meet two other dogs, but didn’t bother after him.

Anyway, I’m rambling, and it’s almost time for his walk. Needless to say my girlfriend

and I are both very excited. Expect to see him out at lots of camping events this summer, as even fencing practice!