20 GOTO 10

Well, here’s to Day Two of blogging.  I’m pretty sure this has already gotten farther than my previous attempt, which was so ephemeral I don’t even remember the URL.  I wonder if it’s still out there somewhere?

Anyway, I’ve come up with a slightly less provisional title.  Turns out calling your blog [insert witty title here] is nowhere near as witty or uncommon as I thought.  Gee, imagine that: repetition? On the Internet?  I should find a meme to express my surprise!

Wow, that took longer than it should have.

Anyway, I think I’ll talk about the name, Kart before the H0rs3 a bit.  Like most good ideas, it came to me in the shower.  I was thinking about what I might do with this blog, what it might become, whether I should worry about talking about certain subjects or not, and generally getting deep into my own head without accomplishing much of anything.  I then realized that this way of thinking felt disturbingly familiar, and that I have a tendency to over-think and over-plan an awful lot.  Once again, I was putting the cart before the horse.

As I just eluded to, it is very easy for me to get caught up in the planning stages and not move forward from there.  I enjoy working things out and solving problems, and often figuring out the solution (or finalizing a plan) provides me enough fulfillment that I don’t feel the need to actually do anything I just thought about.  As you can imagine, this doesn’t lend itself to concrete results.  Then begins another vicious cycle, where after I plan stuff out I wait to implement it (basking in the glow of pseudo-productivity), end up waiting so long that I get other ideas and/or feel guilty about not actually doing anything, and the process either starts over or I get depressed about it, which then torpedoes my motivation.  So maybe having a big, flashing (no <blink> tags.  Please.) reminder to NOT DO THAT at the top of the page will help with that.

But why the weird spellings?  Well, I’ve always been the nerd of my family.  “Kart,” for me, recalls the joy/pain/victory/defeat crushing victory experienced when playing Mario Kart.  It’s almost a tradition between me and my brother to play a round or two (or twenty) when we hang out.  And while a part of me misses the halcyon days when we were but lads and I could crush him without a second thought, I do appreciate the more challenging bouts we have these days.  And “H0rs3” is just a bit of l33t sp34k; I did mention I’m a nerd, didn’t I?  Amusing side note: when I was changing the title, I actually inadvertently typed “teh.”  I thought about leaving it.  I may yet change it back.

I haven’t make much more progress on what this blog is going to be about; see cart, horse.  I’m thinking that it’s best to keep things open right now, and write about whatever strikes my fancy.  Let the focus grow organically.  Or it could just be about nothing.  There’s precedent for that.  If nothing else, writing does seem to focus my thoughts, and the possibility that someone may read them is kinda neat.

I’m leaving comments open, which could be interesting, if I ever get any readers.  Feel free to post questions/suggestions/pleas about why you don’t suck at Mario Kart (no, really!).  I’ll try to respond, but I warn you I can be bad about responding in a timely manner (but that’s another neurosis for another time.  Gotta save them up, otherwise I’ll have nothing to talk about in a few years).