Token effort

Hey, look: it’s my first lame, half-hearted post! I’m pretty tired today; I had to be at work early, and ended up staying up much later than I meant to. Oh well, such are the joys of being an adult.

I’ve started experimenting with my posts, looking at them as a chance to talk about/think through certain subjects/issues rather than a rambling, unstructured journal entry (like this one seems to be). There may be occasional stream-of-consciousness word- and thought-vomit posts, but I can see that getting boring for my (still hypothetical) readers awfully quickly. I hold no delusions that my life is that interesting; I do have to live it, after all. As part of the aforementioned plan, I’ve started keeping a list of possible post ideas, many of which have been coming to me while at work (and in no position to write). So hopefully as I get more accustomed to writing daily, I’ll be able to focus the discipline and craft an actual article, with original insights and everything!

A few side notes: my last couple entries have been about 500 words. Once I saw that count, I couldn’t help but flash back to school and writing essays. I’ve got some stuff I could say about that, but maybe I’ll see if it can hold up as a stand-alone topic. (Whoa there, H0rs3, I see you trying to sneak in front of that kart!) This is also the first entry I’ve written on my tablet. While manageable, it’s not something I would want to do without a physical keyboard.

Gonna go wish I was asleep now.