Hey look, I’m inspiring!

Feedback on this blog is trickling in, and I’m enjoying every bit I get. One reader, who wasn’t brave enough to respond in public (you know who you are. The wet ops squad is currently en route), mentioned they appreciated how honest and sharing I’ve been. That got me thinking, especially since I’ve been worrying that being too personal here may not be interesting: my experiences, opinions, and thoughts that I share here are what makes this blog unique. People can go anywhere to get commentary on the newest political or entertainment developments, but so far this blog is the only source my my brain droppings online. Besides, I should be writing for myself, and if people decide they like it, all the better.  I started this blog to have a place to air out my brain, and I would do well to remember that primary purpose.  Doing anything else, like stressing about writing something entertaining, or trying to have some sort of point or intrinsic value would be, well, see the title of this blog.

So thanks, you anonymous handsome devil, you. Your time is short; I’d serpentine if I were you.