Webcomics I Read (Part 1)

It’s the weekend (for most of you), so I thought I’d link some of the webcomics read regularly, with a few comments about each.  I was originally going to link them in the order I read them, but it turns out it was a very arbitrary sorting (that generally is organized by when I started reading them, and is perpetuated by muscle memory).  Some are tagged NSFW (Not Safe For Work), generally for more… mature content.  Many can sometimes have colorful language, so if this destroys your image of me as a pure, innocent person, then I am truly sorry.

(not really)

  • Abstruse Goose – Complicated topics, simple art.  Kinda like xkcd.
  • Awkward Zombie – A playful look at video games and life as a college student.
  • Battlepug – A Conan-esque barbarian riding a giant, slobbering pug into battle.  It’s as ridiculously awesome as it sounds.
  • CommitStrip – A look at the trials and tribulations of web developers.  I read it in French.
  • Critical Miss – A webcomic about a game journalist hosted on a games journalism site.  Pretty good, but I mostly read it because it’s there.
  • Crtl+Alt+Del – A comic about video games and the people who play them.  Originally following the story of Ethan, Lilah and Lucas, the author recently rebooted the comic.  It now mostly focuses of four anonymous Players, each of a varying level of sociopathy.
  • Cyanide & Happiness – Man, how to explain this one?  It’s almost a glorified stick figure comic, but has a very dry, edgy sense of humor.  If a topic is likely to offend, they’re going to make fun of it.
  • Darths & Droids – Imagine the timeless classic Star Wars, but as the long-running campaign of a motley assortment of tabletop RPG players, complete with ad-hoc improvisations from the GM.  Much like DM of the Rings (now finished), it uses screencaps from the films.  Some characters and story points are not what you expect, and it’s pretty funny.
  • Dilbert – Not so much a comedy strip as it is a long-running documentary of working life.
  • Dr. McNinja – The adventures of the titular Doctor, who is from one of Scotland’s oldest ninja families.  Follows the Rule of Cool as often as possible.
  • Dresden Codak – A beautiful large-format comic about philosophy, post-humanism, and the terror of social interaction.  I just wish it updated more often.
  • El Goonish Shive – Another long-running, hard-to-explain comic.  It’s about an eclectic group of high school students and the encounters with magic, alien technology, and transformation.  One character is a sentient squirrel girl, while another is a superhero who can only use his powers when in a female form.  And oh yeah, his twin sister is a magically-generated gender-swapped clone.  Who is also a lesbian.
  • Evil Inc – A supervillain realized he could do far more evil as a Legitimate Businessman™, and is now a CEO of a super-science supply company.  Of course, it’s staffed by costumed ne’er-do-wells.  Be careful not to step in the puns.
  • Full Frontal Nerdity – The (mis)adventures of a tabletop GM and his gaming group of antisocial misfits, one of who converses from Alaska via webcam.  On a side note, my friends and I actually got this setup to work (the webcam gaming thing) when one of our group moved to Ft. Collins.
  • General Protection Fault – Nominally about the workers of an IT firm called GPF Software, their adventures have spanned from alternate universes and evil twins to geek messiahs and bumbling superspies who refuse to wear pants.
  • Girl GeniusThe canonical Steampunk adventure story (the authors prefer the term “Gaslamp Fantasy”).  Imagine a Victorian-era Europe with steam-powered technology right out of Jules Verne ruled by MAD SCIENTISTS!  I ended up cosplaying one of the characters a few years ago at a local con.
  • Girls With Slingshots – A comic about two best friends and their misadventures in love, drinking, and living with a talking Scottish cactus.  Sometimes edges towards NSFW (talked about, not shown).
  • Goblins – A group of goblins (of the D&D CR 1/3 variety) decide that they’re tired of being speed bumps for low-level adventurers, and decide to become adventurers themselves.  A surprising amount of violence and melodrama ensues.
  • The Gutters – Skewers comic book clichés and publishing culture.  I haven’t read it in a while; I think something may be off with my RSS feed.
  • Hijinks Ensue – A bunch of nerdy friends get together and, well, hijinks ensue.  Occasional random comics done on a dare from Wil Wheaton.
  • Joy of Tech – A comic about geek culture and nerdy news.  May be of limited interest for those less nerdy.
  • Liberty Meadows – The story of staff and patients of the titular animal sanctuary: Frank, the nerdy veterinarian, Brandy, the buxom animal psychiatrist, and others like a talking midget circus bear/mad scientist, a hypochondriac frog, and a literal chauvinist pig.

Whew, that ended up being longer that I expected.  Stay tuned for Part 2!

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