Friends Will Be Friends

So apparently Tuesday’s post touched a nerve with some of my friends. The post got some great comments, and got me thinking. About the importance of getting it out. About the importance of not suffering alone. About the importance of friends.

Too often we keep our problems to ourselves, leaving us to suffer in quiet. We don’t talk about our problems, maybe because we don’t want to appear needy, maybe because we don’t want to hijack whatever social interaction we may be a part of. But all this does is leave us to suffer alone. For me, this leads to brooding, which leads to more suffering, which can snowball into a Funk (more on those later).

Tuesday’s comments reminded me that I do not suffer alone. It reminded me that I am not the only one who dances on the edge of The Pit; that others may be hiding it just as well as I am, if not better. It reminded me that if I’m weird or broken (words from The Pit), then I’m in good company.

It also reminded me how much I have in common with my friends. They say like attracts like, but it’s hard to tell if no one talks about these things! But here we are: talking, sharing, and growing closer as we do so. While our differences are what keeps things interesting, it is our similarities that bring us together.

So thank you to all of my friends, commenters, readers, and lurkers (I’m secretly one of you, too) alike. Thanks for listening to my venting. Thanks for sharing some of your own experiences. If you ever need to vent, I’ll be there. If nothing else, it is comforting to know that we are all in this handbasket together, wherever it may lead.

P.S.: Queen reference!