Spoon Theory

This is going to be a short post, but it’s going to address a topic I fully intend to return to once I regain some spoons.


Don’t worry, it’s not a complete non sequitur, though I will admit it doesn’t make much sense on the surface.

You see, I am tired. Not just tired, but weary. This kind of weariness cannot be fixed by getting more sleep (although that can help). No, this is the feeling of being stretched too thin, with nowhere near enough down time to recover mental energy. When I am weary, it feels like there is one thing after another demanding my attention, be it work, projects, or even interacting friends, family, and/or girlfriend.

Yes, there are some times when I must avoid People™. And anyone can be People™. Even my pet snake.

Don’t think too hard about that one.

I will readily admit that this may be a problem limited mostly to introverts, but I am not alone in this respect. Several of my friends feel the same way, and luckily my girlfriend understands; it’s why we have separate offices.

Anyway, spoons. I’m not going to be mean and leave you all confused. The Spoon Theory comes from this post on dealing with chronic pain and illness, but I feel the Theory can be more widely applied to social interaction in general. Basically, it states that all activities and social interaction require you to draw from a finite pool of resources (represented by spoons). Once these quanta are used up, you have to recharge. Some things take more spoons than others, and while it is possible to borrow from future spoons, this can only work for so long and tends to magnify the ill effects.

So I would encourage you to read the article. I plan on writing more in depth on this subject, giving my own spin on the Theory and how it applies to me (what costs spoons, what regenerates them, etc). But like I said, I am low on spoons right now and things don’t show any signs of lightening up until at least next week. But if I’m a bit out of it or seem stressed (ya think?), don’t take it personally: I’m just out of spoons.


P.S.: This should not be seen as an open invitation to pelt me with dull cutlery. Although spooning can be nice…


P.P.P.S: I’ve written “spoon” enough times that it’s starting to lose its meaning.  I’m gonna stop before someone gets spooned hurt.

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