Getting Overwhelmed

I’m starting to feel like I have too many hobbies. There’s tons of cool stuff I want to do, and nowhere near enough time to do it. And this feeling is only compounded by my current work schedule. And like my work schedule, I don’t see it getting better any time soon.

Welcome to being an adult, I guess.

In an attempt to parse things into a more manageable format, I’m going to make a list of things I need to do, am currently doing, and want to do.

Things I am Currently Doing

  • Writing – I write a blog post every day (more or less).
  • Reading – I’m currently working my way through the “Honor Harrington” series of books. I’m on number 3 of 14, and have quite a ways to go.
  • Watching – I’m working my way through Doctor Who, starting with the 9th Doctor. I’ve made it to the 11th, but just barely. At 45 minutes a pop, each episode represents a not-insignificant chunk of my afternoon. My girlfriend and I are also following Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Tuesday nights.
  • Nothing” – Surfing the Web, reading webcomics, watching videos, etc. I often find myself doing this when I should be doing something else.
  • Fencing – Practice is every Thursday night, with occasional weekend events.
  • Heavy – Practice is every Wednesday night, with occasional weekend events.
  • Teaching – I’ve been working on developing drills for fencing, as well as leading Oplomachia-based drills at heavy practice.

Things I Need to Do

  • Cleaning – The floor is nigh-invisible, and I’m starting to have trouble differentiating between the dirty and the clean clothes piles. The apartment also needs vacuuming, since we’re expecting guests in the near future.
  • Washing – Our apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher, and the sink fills up oh so quickly. I try not to look to hard at the kitchen if I can help it at this point.
  • Programming – I volunteer as webmaster for my local SCA group. I try to be on top of updates, but often fall behind.
  • Sleeping – Also, eating. Duh.
  • Working – Bleh.

Things I Want to Do

  • Writing – I’d love to write more in-depth posts, including articles and original fiction. But it seems that writing is still an afterthought, squeezed in as an “oh yeah, I need to do that” sort of thing.
  • Watching – My Netflix queue is huge, mostly as a result of something popping up and me saying “hey, that looks interesting” or “hey, I’ve been meaning to see that.” Exacerbated by the fact that I have to go to bed so early for work. And Doctor Who isn’t going to watch itself (is it?).
  • Reading – The aforementioned Honor Harrington series. There’s also a pile of graphic novels and technical books from my last library run being engulfed by the metastasizing clothes piles.
  • Drawing – And being generally creative. I took a sketching class in grad school, but have barely touched my sketchbook since graduation (to say nothing of the rest of my architecture skills).
  • Gaming – Ah, my backlog; how I resent thee! All sorts of cool games, so little time (like Kerbal Space Program). Especially when Minecraft enters the picture.  And that’s to say nothing of Kongregate’s Badge of the Day and all the other free games out there.
  • Nothing” – Everything in moderation. I wouldn’t want to overextend myself, now would I?
  • Building – I’ve got a nice LEGO collection that I need to finish sorting. The quickly-approaching MileHiCon has me itching to tinker and build something steampunky. My girlfriend just picked up some EL wire from Radio Shack, and while I was there we started drooling over the Arduino units they had. Also, Minecraft.
  • Programming – I’d like to tinker more with web design, making my HTML, CSS and Drupal skills more robust so that I don’t forget everything in between when I need to do something. The thought of Arduino programming also has me itching to do something cool.
  • Teaching – I need to get a better handle on Oplomachia, mostly through the DVD I purchased, if I’m going to be teaching it at practice.

You see how little time I have for as much as I want to do? I’m not sure how I’m going to fix it, but I’m open to suggestions.

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