Inside My Ball

I don’t have much to say today; last week was surprisingly busy and mentally draining, and I haven’t had a chance to catch up yet, on posts or much of anything. I’m low on spoons, and still not thinking that straight. It’s taking all my willpower to decide what to have for dinner tonight, let alone what to write about. As such, I think I will crawl into my introvert’s hamster ball and leave you with this comic:

via DeviantArt

via DeviantArt

It’s not that introverts don’t like people. There not even all shy and retiring. For me, all it means to be introverted is that it takes energy to be around people (even ones you like), and you recharge by being on your own. It’s one of the reasons my girlfriend and I have what we call “Super Happy Fun Social Time,” which involves both of us sitting on the couch with our respective tablets and/or books. It’s awesome, and I suggest you try it sometime.

But I was social a lot this past week, with people I’m not too familiar with. That always takes more energy for me: I’m never sure how new(ish) people will react, so I have to burn a lot of energy anticipating things do avoid social faux pas.

But enough writing. I’ve done my post for the day, so now it’s time to go see Loki and the 9th Doctor annoy Kirk’s dad.

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