“Better” != “100%”

So whatever I had this past week (my girlfriend suspects the flu) really kicked my butt. It started about 5pm Monday, with a sore throat and just a general “under the weather” feeling. By 11am on Tuesday I was so achy and feverish I could barely stand long enough to be of any use at work. At its worst, I spiked a 102° fever and apparently slept like the dead. But about as abruptly as it came on, it went away by about noon yesterday, and I started feeling human again. The cough is still with me, but that’s not unusual. I can go outside without getting (too) racked by full-body chills. I can sleep through the night without being plagued by restless fever dreams. I can even hold a conversation and be properly responsive on something other than autopilot!

But of course, I have to remember that “feeling better” is not the same as “back to 100%.” While it’s true I feeling much more coherent and capable, I’m still a bit off in some places. My mind is still a bit foggy and easily distracted. Even if abrupt temperature shifts don’t cascade into a fever anymore, I still occasionally get chilled for no apparent reason. Going too fast up and down the stairs can take a lot out of me.

So I’ve been trying to be good, taking things slowly and not committing myself to too much today. I had the day off work, which probably helped. And like I said, for the most part I feel pretty darn good. Especially by comparison! But then some little thing will pop up to remind me, as if to say “Hey youse, youse was just sick heres!”

I’m not sure why the thing has a stereotypical New York accent, but it makes as much sense as anything has to me the past few days.

Overall, I’m lucky that I don’t get really sick that often. But the flipside of that is I don’t always remember that it is necessary to take time off, to finish healing even after you start to feel “better.”
*insert witty closing statement here*