Rock Bottom Expectations

There’s not much going on at this end, and even less for me to say about it. And even though I’ve had the day off, I somehow manage to keep on finding something to do besides write. What have I done? Well, I’d like to think the day hasn’t been a total loss.

  • I managed to sleep in.
  • I cleaned the bathroom a bit.
  • I tossed my resume towards a temp agency a friend suggested.
  • I kicked the last of my sickness, aside from the occasional cough.
  • I read one of the books I got from my Holiday Amazon Bonanza.
  • I played a video game my brother got me for Christmas.
  • I even managed to update the website I run for the local SCA group.
  • Oh yeah, even though this was yesterday, I also beat Rogue Legacy!

I suppose it’s all in managing your expectations. Sure, I would have liked to work on the next Great American Novel, or even Mediocre American Job Application. But I think I had fun today, and that should count for something.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Try tuning in again tomorrow; maybe there will be something that requires a bit more thought. But not today.