The Past Few Days

Not much to say today. I’m more tired than usual, and am not feeling that eloquent. But I at least had fun getting tired, so that’s something.

Friday I went over to a friend’s house to play Artemis, a multiplayer game that lets you crew a starship in the vein of Star Trek (or more likely Galaxy Quest, if you have friends like mine). There’s multiple positions, like Helm, Engineering, Science, Communications, Weapons, and of course, Captain. My first game I eased into it by playing Comms, which tasks you with communicating with other ships, both friendly and hostile. The second game, this time with a different group, I got to try Science, which is in charge of scanning objects and ships, reporting weaknesses to the captain and Weapons.

Gameplay mostly consisted of flying around a randomly-generated quadrant and battling with NPC ships, as well as the occasional mission for space stations and friendly freighters. The real fun began when the two player ships interacted. An errant beam weapon, a mis-targeted missile, made for some… interesting conversations. And by conversations, I mean weapon exchanges. It was also interesting seeing how the personalities of the two crews differed. One was definitely more Kirk (brash, boisterous) while the other one seemed more Picard (professional, disciplined).

Disclaimer: I have watched very little Star Trek. I was a Star Wars kid.

Saturday, I got together with my family an early celebration of my dad’s birthday. It was nice to hang out with them, and I got to try out my newest unholy creation in the war against the Dreaded Pancreas: double-layer Rice Krispie Treats with (wait for it) frosting both on top, and in the middle. They were a success; next time, I might put all the frosting in the center. Or maybe two different types of frosting: one on top, one in the middle.

Sunday was more defined by what I didn’t do: for the first time in a while, I had absolutely nothing to do with the Big Sports-Ball Series Magnificent Dish (or something). In years past, I’ve gotten together with my family, since the game often falls on or near my dad’s birthday, and both he and my brother are big (American) football fans. In fact, sometimes I worry my brother is going to pop a blood vessel or something while watching an important game. But this year, my dad gave me an out: he told me my girlfriend and I didn’t have to come watch the game; we could get together some other time. I of course jumped on the opportunity, but I was impressed with how subtly my dad had managed to keep his Super Bowl experience free of Debbie Downers. Well, played, good sir.

So I’ve had a busy few days. And of course, I stayed up much later than I should have most of these nights. In addition to having to work early. So I’m tired. Luckily I have the next couple days off. I hope to recuperate, and maybe even get some work done on some projects I’ve been putting off.

*falls asleep*