A New Start?

As I’m sure many of you know, I’m not exactly happy or content with my current job situation. I have two degrees, and yet find myself working part time in retail, stocking shelves and attending to customers. This is not what I’ve been trained for, and definitely not what I want out of my life. But rather than complain and gripe yet again about my situation, I come to you today to tell you that I have (at the risk of sounding grandiose) taken my first steps in a while to digging myself out of the hole I have stumbled in.

Today, I start looking for architecture jobs again.

What motivated this, you may ask? Well, the jerking around I’ve been getting at work definitely had something to do with it. But I also finally got around to meeting with the internship coordinator at my former school. We had a good discussion, about what I can do to increase my chances of getting a job in architecture.

It’s not going to be easy, of course. In fact, it’s probably going to take a lot of soul-searching and hard work on my part. And while I’m feeling pretty motivated right now, I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to sustain that drive after a little time has passed, or when The Funk comes slouching home again.

And so I’m putting this out there, my intention to finally find a job in architecture. By doing so, I hope that I can somehow make it a real thing, or at least a project that other people know exists. I’ve found that far too many things are easy to start and set aside after a little while, especially if no one knows about it. So I give you permission, my dear friends and readers, to pester me, to ask for updates and details, to help me make sure I stay on task. If being held accountable to some outside party is the only way I can motivate myself, then so be it. Let’s try it, and see how it works. I don’t quite believe all these words yet, but hopefully that too will change.

What’s the worst that could happen, right?

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