The Summer Sales Are Upon Us

Repent! The hour of doom is at hand! Creeping through the darkness, They will come. Come for your wallet. Come for your free time. Come for your self-discipline. It is fruitless to resist! Join Them, for this is the season of our undoing!

In other news, there’s a bunch of video game summer sales going on right now.

I’ve written about this before, and if you’ve read my past musings on the matter of deep discounts and bundle sales, especially when combined with limited durations, you may realize how tough this time of year can be for my budget. To make matters worse (in a wholly “first world problem” way, I will readily admit), there are not one, but two different gaming services having sales right now. With discounts anywhere from 50% to 80% off. That’s danger territory for me, as it’s much easier to drop a couple bucks on something that looks slightly interesting than it is when at full retail price.

Oh, and to make matters worse, one of my friends got me a Steam gift card for my birthday. Cursed be his name, vile black-hearted enabler.

It is interesting, how different companies take different approaches to the same basic idea. Steam sticks with their usual method, having daily featured deals supported by shorter duration flash sales and community-voted specials. It’s a tried and true method, and oh boy does it work. I haven’t spent that much more than my gift card so far, but the week is young.

GOG , on the other hand, has done something interesting. They have two featured bundles every day, and then a bunch of two-hour deals running concurrently. But they’ve thrown in a twist: you can see what games will be selected for the two-hour deals before they go on sale. It’s quite effective at bringing you back to the site several times a day. I have noticed them start to repeat, though, which kind of cuts back on the “I must buy this now” effect.

What have I written about today? I don’t know. The afternoon got away from me, and not just because I kept checking sale pages. I also binged on some video games, thank you very much. And yes, I’ve been buying stuff. Not too much, so far, but then again I’m not exactly keeping meticulous records. I am at least trying to resist buying games that my computer can’t run. After all, if a game is popular enough to go on sale once, it will likely happen again further down the line. You know, whenever I finally get around to upgrading/building my own PC.

Whenever that may be.

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