Something About A Wagon?

I’ve started playing Minecraft again.

I’ll do this occasionally, take a break from a game before coming back to it. Generally, the games I do this with are the really involved ones; Civilization, SimCity, Minecraft, etc. Games that don’t really have a set end point, or victory condition. Games that, while interesting, can get boring after a while. Games that are still fun.

One of the reasons I moved away from Minecraft last time is because I got spoiled by my minimap mod, which at the time was not available for the newly-updated version of Minecraft (the joys of modding, I guess). I tend to enjoy a fairly vanilla (read: un-modded) experience, but I also really like to explore and still know where I am. And now that enough time has passed (and yet another big update is on the horizon), the mods have been updated, and I can go back to the comfortable embrace of knowing how far away my fresh corpse, heavily laden with mining loot, is from my respawn point.

I’ve also been talking with my friends about getting a multiplayer server going again. We had one that was hosted by another friend, but that’s been dormant long enough that I’m pretty sure it’s gone offline. Plus, we never really played cooperatively on it anyway; it was more of a “massively single player” experience, where people traveled far away from the spawn point to set up their own enclaves.

Multiplayer Minecraft seems like it has the potential to be a fun experience. I’ve seen a bunch of cool stuff that people have done together, and I kinda want a taste of that. Plus, I’d like to try and bring my girlfriend into the fold. What’s not to love about virtual LEGO? But for right now, I’m content to revisit some of my existing worlds, chipping away at layer after layer of stone and dirt.

Besides, I already found a new job, so it’s not like I need to feel guilty about not working on that, right? I’m not wasting my days playing Minecraft, I’m avoiding freaking out about change! Yeah, that’s it…