The Last Morning

Today was my last time getting up at 4am to sling product around, filling up pallets and making the store largely presentable. And much like yesterday, what a last day it was.

There was once again too much to do, and not enough time to accomplish it. We were already a bit behind, given the kind of day that we had yesterday. And to make matters worse, the other stocker for my side of the store called in; apparently their “car wouldn’t start” or something. So guess what happened? If you guessed that I had to stock the entire side of the store (which is ideally a three-person job) all by myself, then get yourself a gold star! You’re right!

Nothing but the critical issues got addressed, and even some of those had to be left for another day. There wasn’t anyone else to help me, because apparently the other side of the store needed the attention. I wouldn’t know; I barely had enough time to make it to my break. But at least the senior manager seemed to realize the futility of it all, and I wasn’t yelled at for things outside of my control. I just would have preferred to leave my stocking duties on a better not, but I guess there’s something poetic about how things went: under-staffed and over-worked to the very end!

This week is shaping up to be a lot harder than I expected, even without accounting for how crazy things have been before the store opened. Short Timer Syndrome has settled in, and even the most mundane features of my job are like sandpaper on my psyche. Was I really this blind to the annoyances of retail before this? Or am I just that mentally checked out already? I mean, how could I not notice having to answer questions whose answers are right on the sign in front of them?!

It actually surprises me how quickly my view of things changed once I knew I was going to escape. It’s a testament to the human mind, I guess, how easily it can shut out the inane and bothersome. I’m trying to remember that this new job is not guaranteed to be perfect; I’m sure it will have its fair share of annoyances and problems. But right now, it’s looking a lot more appealing than what I’m having to deal with at my current job.

There’s a reason I’m leaving. I’d do well to remember that. I just wish I didn’t need to be beaten over the head with reasons.