Soft Reset

So I’m definitely feeling better after last night’s video game binge. I think I had just driven myself too long without enough down time. Because if I do the math, I’ve basically been going straight for almost three weeks. How? Well, the weekend of the 8th I headed down to Coronation. It was fun, but leaving after work on Friday, driving down for two days, and arriving back Sunday evening didn’t exactly make for a restful weekend. Then last weekend, I headed up to the mountains with friends for a getaway/RPG weekend. While not as draining as Coronation, it was still a good amount of people in a smallish space with not much alone time. And of course the cherry on top, work has been stressful for a variety of reasons this week (long story short: clients are dumb).

A part of me looks at this and thinks “Oh no, poor you, why don’t you just cowboy up and soldier through? It can’t be that bad, after all. It’s not like you’re working 24/7, right?” And this is true. But telling myself to “just feel better” isn’t exactly constructive feedback. Especially when I made the switch from feeling drained to feeling depressed.

So while I still feel a bit bad that I skipped out on fighter practice to play video games, I stand by my earlier statement that it was better for me in the long run to do so. After all, I’ve missed practice before, and I’ve generally had a good reason to do so. I just have to remind myself that “needing time off” is perfectly valid. Even if from the outside it looks like I’m slacking.